Discover Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made exclusively from olives grown in Italy immediately cold-pressed.

Produced in 2023

EVO in a nutshell


Extra virgin olive oil. The “virgin” attribute indicates that the extraction process is carried out only with mechanical methods, without the use of solvents, to not cause alterations to the product.


An ancient remedy involved swallowing a little bit of oil and honey as a throat soother. This tradition is scientifically proven. In fact olive oil contains oleocanthal, a substance with a strong anti-inflammatory action, similar to ibuprofen.


The best method to preserve the oil is to keep it in stainless steel or opaque glass containers avoiding the oxidation of chlorophyll, responsible for the characteristic green color.


Olive oil landed in the Americas together with Christopher Columbus in 1492.


Olive oil has a fat acid content very similar to human milk.


The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has officially recognized the beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil for health.


Olive oil has very ancient origins; in fact, the first olive trees date back to more than 7,000 years ago. The Bible and the Koran bear witness of their presence.


Italian actress Sophia Loren swears that olive oil baths are the secret to her glowing skin.